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Interlagos '70

01 Dec 2016

Posted by Pablo_Fernandez in GPL-Track Database
Autodromo de Interlagos
São Paulo, Brasil

Track Type: Race Track
Length: 4.95m
Standard version: 1.0
Track years: 1969 - 1977
Idea and Track Creator: Pablo Fernandez

General Information:
When Pablo told me that his was starting to build a new Interlagos, I offered myself to help him, because I spent the whole 70’s there attended to races and after mid 70’s racing myself. At the beginning I was helping him to make the track the more accurate as possible regarding banked corners, gradients, corner angles, etc… When I did the first test I realize that something very important was missing. The Bumps !!!, Interlagos was famous for it´s bumps. In fact the track was a torture for every driver of every class of motor racing. I race there F Vee, F Ford and Touring cars. I had permanent bruises on my back and knees. The track was so bumpy that it was considered the closest thing to Rallie Racing ! Since it´s first WDC, every driver complained a lot about the condition of the track. It turns out that the fault wasn´t the asphalt per se, but the soil underneath the asphalt is not suitable for laying asphalt over it.
So, Pablo began to put all the bumps there to make it the most accurate as possible. As we started to test, it became clear that for GPL physics it was going to be impossible to drive. So we decided to cut some bumps out. Now the track is drivable and it dind´t loose it´s main characteristic: The bumps.
GPL tend to produce very flat tracks. One example is Zandvoort. The Dutch track should be much more bumpy than it is as so Monaco, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Monza etc…
Probably Interlagos will be the first GPL track that brake this “flatness” barrier. I hope the next generation of GPL tracks will be more “bumpy accurate” than the old tracks.
Driving Tips : Memorize where the big bumps are and brake and change gears BEFORE them.
While racing try to listen the songs “Shake, Rattle and Roll” and “Only The Strong Survive”, it might help a bit !!
Have a nice race and fun.

Chris Skepis

Chris Skepis
Tommie van Ostade

All GPL Repository guys

Thanks to:

Stefano Zampedri for the 3do cars and trucks
Papyrus for the best Sim ever - Grand Prix Legends!
GPL Repository
Phil Flack, Martijn Keizer and the GPLEA for the design tools and tutorials
Phil Flack for GTK Maker
Anton Norup Sorensen for GracED
Joachim Blum for TrkCamEdit
Dave Noonan for 3DOED
Christian Wohlfahrt for 123do
Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg for GPLRA
Alan & Stefan for the TEX Spreadsheet Guide

This program is freeware, use it whenever you want and distribute it as much as you want as long as there is no money charged.

This "README.txt" file must be included in all re-distributions.

This track may not, partially or in full, be posted at any other sites without express permission!  You may link to this page, but not directly to the files.  Thank you!

I used some 3do/ textures from other tracks,the textures and 3do's from this track maded by me and are free to use for any trackmaker.

This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk.


Enjoy it!

Pablo Fernandez

December 2016

Added a server version.
The files need to be extracted into the previously installed interlag folder of your server.
This does not work for playing, just for server purpose.

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Yesterday, 03:48 AM

Is it possible to drive GPL in 4k? Just asking :)

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Clear Mirrors For 67X-6 Cars

01 Dec 2016

I've been unable to find clear mirrors for the 67x-6 carset. Obviously doing all the cars would be way too much work. I run the -6 carset exclusively with an appropriate Driver.ini so I can use thes great cars and physics on all my 400 tracks. Mostly interested in the Brabhams, BRM 115,Lotus 49, Ferrari 312, Cooper T81/86, Eagle TIG, Honda RA300, and Mclaren M5a. Basically the original cars plus the McLaren. Tried to adapt from original 67's with no luck. Anyone done this ? I've managed to delete the arms, but no luck with mirrors.


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F1 2016 Season Qualifying 08 Baku Gp

01 Dec 2016

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
New race, new game Guys!!

After our disappointing DNF last race in Montreal, we went straight to Baku!

Could we make forget our forfeit and DO something promising for our next race event n. 08 here in Baku, Aserbaidschan??

Go over here and find out: https://www.youtube....h?v=dk2zyor6OJI

Have fun and :thankyou:


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