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Dave Friedman Collection: 1966 Watkins Glen Usgp

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

A lovely archive: https://www.flickr.c...57628940694499/

I love the shots of Bandini. Mr. Friedman had a real eye for a photo. A very fortunate man too to have had such a wonderful opportunity to see such legends of the sport close. Remarkable.

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Ferrari67 - Steer Update

16 Oct 2016

Posted by db312 in GPL- '67 Car Addons
Hello everyone ! :)

As a ferrari's fan, I try to slightly ameliorate the steers made by Dede-driver and Leon, all credits to them !!!

A big thank to Leon for sharing informations and files with so much accuracy... And kindness ! :hat-tip:

However, it's not perfect... Use it "as it is", hoping someone does a better one... :shrug:

Attached File  ferrari312_steer.jpg   127.88K   139 downloads

For the original Mod67 : Attached File  ferrari67_steer_updt.zip   297.37K   49 downloads

And for the historical : Attached File  Mod67Hv2_Ferrari_Steer_Updt.zip   4.94MB   45 downloads

Have fun ! :wave: :wave:

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Nvidia 10 Series-Vr Support

19 Oct 2016

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
Reletivaely new Nvidia cards with VR support.

Full spec as been put into laptop/notebooks and not just desktops.

Is this the new way to go for gaming heaven.

There seems to have been a lot of hype, but maybe over marketed by Nvidia on the significant difference between the 9 series and the 10 series.
Is it on your shopping list or are you all ready set up and rolling. Have you any reports on the latter or is it beneficial to go for the 9 series instead, in the hope of getting a cheaper/better deal?







TP: :hat-tip:

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Clermont Lap Times

17 Oct 2016

Are the world records on some tracks much harder than others?

I've recently started setting myself target lap times on tracks based on the current world record for that Mod, instead of the Rank times, as these can vary greatly in difficulty. I have settled on a target of WR+4%, which I find is a real challenge for me, but I usually beat it eventually.

I am currently doing a 1969x season, and have reached the French GP. I'm driving the Ferrari, and with a lot of effort have managed to get down to 3:09 dead (please don't laugh if you consider that a warming-up lap on full tanks). But using my 4% rule, my target time is just under 3:02, and I know there's no way I can find another 7 seconds. OK, the Ferrari isn't the fastest car in the Mod, but I have got pretty close at Kyalami and Monaco. (Current WR)

So does anyone else feel the Clermont WR for 69x is particularly difficult to match? I know they all are, of course, but compared to most others?

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Honda Graphics Update Gone Wrong

17 Oct 2016

I'm trying to use the Thomas Laechele Honda cockpit update, but something is going wrong. Below are pics of before and after the update. Obviously I have some mismatched parts. What I did is install GPL via GPLPS method, so that's the starting point for my Honda folder, and then I unrared Thomas Laechele update into that folder. Can anybody help? Point me to the right method of installing this great cockpit update?

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